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Taking on the role to be all parts hilarious and being the right kind of frightened is no easy feat, but Stacy Snyder takes it in her stride in the retro-flavoured horror short, Feeding Time. Our staff writer Darragh J Murphy got the chance to have a delightful chat with Snyder about the horrors experienced on set, killer babies and douchey boyfriends.

Hey Stacy! How’s it going? What are you up to?

Hey! Great to meet you, Darragh  I’m actually headed down to San Diego this weekend with the director and executive producers of Feeding Time for our screening at the Horrible Imaginings film festival. We’re really excited that festivals have been asking us to screen- we’ve actually stopped submitting to festivals but we still have a few more lined up! I’m hoping to also see a rough cut of Heartless, another horror short I’m in directed by the  EP of Feeding Time. To top it all off tomorrow I have a wrap party for a feature I was in!  It’s a dramedy-type relationship movie called :Sound of Settling.”. I play this really snobby, self-absorbed character, it was SO fun.

Has it been a stressful year with all this success?

Oh no! That’s all the fun stuff. This is  exactly what I work so hard for: having fun on set,  going to all these different screenings, meeting other filmmakers. It’s  especially fun when you start bumping into the same filmmakers at festivals. It’s really cool to see those relationships grow.

So, Feeding time! You were fabulous in it, how did you get the role?

That was a complete normal scenario! They posted the audition, I submitted, Matt called me in.  I remember sitting in the waiting room and looking around thinking,  “Wow.” There were just so many beautiful, young women there. You know, skinny and with the most perfect faces. I was just like “Oh f*ck it, I’m not gonna get it” so I told  myself to just go in to have the best time ever. In the audition there was this part where the baby creature is knocking on the wall, so I had to react to the wall and I was  just IN IT. I left thinking that was pure fun, but I’ll never hear from them again. But then I got it! The crew was amazing, and now I end up working with someone from the Feeding Time set every few months.

How long did it take to shoot? Anything interesting or outrageous happen on set?

Filming was extremely efficient, we had this house with all the creepy posters. I wish the movie could have shown more of the layout because it was very spooky. I get very easily startled in real life. People love taking me to horror films because I’ll be in a movie theater and scream at the top of my lungs.. I get way too scared! So when we were shooting the scene where I enter the room where the baby is in the middle of the night, everyone on set was quiet and all I could hear was the creeping of the floor boards. It completely fit the mood. Very little imagining to do on my part!

Were you freaked out by the killer babies?

The killer babies were these amazing/gross puppets, so when I first saw them, yeah! They were extremely creepy. But after a while, when they’re covered in special effect jelly on them and the puppeteer is having them gnaw on your leg, it  just becomes another day in the life. Honestly, the special effects team was amazing. The gore and blood really helped me nail the scene when I have to pull the baby off my leg. Listen, that character has a lot of courage to do that! If it were me I’d probably pass out and never want to deal with. I’d just live with that baby stuck to my leg.

In the movie, you’re texting a guy who’s being hilariously rude. How would you put up with these kinds of texts?

I think that is one of the audience’s favorite moments because it’s something we can all relate to. When you put yourself out there and the other person leaves you out on a limb. Ouch. I love hearing that specific  kind of laughter from the audience though, because it’s coming from a really true place! I would like to say that if someone texted me like that, I would be strong and fierce, putting them in their place in a clever and witty way. But I’m sure I’ve been in that situation where I’ve said, “I like, like you,” and the other person being like, “Nah, that’s cool.”

You a fan of the horror movie genre itself?

I like horror movies, but they truly terrify me. I have to give myself space between watching them. Like months. I can’t watch them and go, “Great! Let’s go hang out!” No, I need time to decompress, figure my life out, and most importantly, look under my bed. I saw The Strangers one summer at an 11am screening. That night, I had to call my brother to come over after I had already turned on all the lights and checked every room. I was terrified that some creepy person with a mask on was just gonna pop up somewhere in my house-which obviously and logically would never happen. :p

If there was one monster you had to be stalked by, which would it be?

I’m more afraid of the religious cult stuff, or ethereal, mystical-type creatures than something like aliens. For me, anything that could come from a different realm or metaphysical plane-THAT would be….clutch.

Any shout outs before we finish?

I am just so grateful to have worked with Matt Mercer, director of Feeding Time . He has such an eye for this work. He’s a phenomenal director and an extremely talented actor. I definitely count my lucky stars that I got to work with him and get into his circle, and from there I have met all these amazing producers, writers, cinematographers. Feeding Time has been a blast, I’m so proud of it. It’s something people need to see.

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